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By Professor Ojo Emmanuel Ademola
Within the framework of national rebirth, one that is urgently required to bail out Nigeria from a series of structural defects, the current synergy, and energy displayed within the arrays of All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Campaigns, are the demonstration of the significant possibilities that the presidency of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) can bring to bear on Nigeria’s developmental success. These unique attributes call to mind a diverse set of success checklists available through Asiwaju’s pedigree as the most experienced, exemplary democrat, progressive master planner, systemic unifier, and focused leader, well prepared to hit the ground running from 2023 to tap into the fullness of available resources set for success, and above the board to make Nigeria, a developed Nation.
Boisterously energizing his campaign council to traverse the South-South and South East regions within a pace of weeks eloquently attests to BAT’s desires to realize all the promises contained in the 2023 Hope Renewal Manifesto. The campaign trip to the South East recently clearly points to many things that have been trending, ranging from the history beckoning on the intricate 2023 Nigeria’s presidential election and even the unexpected quarters confirming the obvious that Asiwaju will become the next President of Nigeria from May 29, 2023. The effective galvanizing of Eastern business leaders, communities, and, importantly, the energetic youths is an evident desire by every citizen of Nigeria to ensure Asiwaju’s presidency manifests in 2023.
The notion in the South East (SE) that the North and Western Nigeria have hidden plans to play the SE permanently out of the presidency, and keep them in perpetual slavery, seems a deeply rooted theory that runs through the democratic veins of negativity primarily to set Ndigbo against success in any presidential campaigns in the past till date. BAT’s campaign visit to the zone helps to pinpoint some of the democratic issues in this direction. Indeed, there are democratic, progressive authorities from the SE now saying otherwise. They are advocating for a paradigm shift on how SE plays politics instead of accentuating that a notion exists to remove presidency-fulfilling outcomes from the SE. Instead, they attest to the quadratic complexity of the presidential equation that a party must solve sufficiently for a candidate to emerge as the president of Nigeria from such a political party.
Please permit me to recourse to a few lines from the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Soludo, when he decoded the reason why Asiwaju’s presidency is the next big thing coming to Nigeria in 2023; he encouraged the Ndigbo to exhibit an accurate understanding and learning politics, especially of Nigeria. His reflection on how Asiwaju defied the political wind of the time and stood out as the “only man standing” in AD and later AC (before ACN) against a sitting president of Yoruba descent remains a democratic, progressive set for success. Indeed, everyone recalls that Asiwaju and President Obasanjo disagreed politically, as Asiwaju consistently remains a democratic, progressive politician removing barriers to the progressive agenda in Nigeria. Under Asiwaju, the South West strategically organized under a different political party, the ACN, and entered a formidable alliance that kicked out a sitting president. That alliance is still waxing stronger.
A media gem, Louis Odion, got it right as always that Soludo’s intervention was, indeed, a solution from the handicraft of a philosopher-king. To my mind, Louis’s remarks on Professor Soludo add unique resonance to such a memorable discourse. Also, from my computational science background, Soludo’s intervention presents a political mathematical theory of conflict resolution taking a cognitive control theory as an input.  The dilemma is to directly influence the opposite side of the conflict to allow for the formalization of the disputes with model analysis considering the definiteness criterion for the stability of the conflict-associated parties.  The methodology centers on model analysis that allows for a quantitative description of conflicts related to various subject areas from a unified position. The models appropriately qualified for reproducing all possible variants with the applied view of behavior strategy. The formalization of the conflict from a suitable assertion depends on the models.
Governor Soludo presents the formalization of conflicts from a unified position to propose a general definition of a progressive democracy solution to such from SE, which is intriguingly applicable to providing an approach cognitively within the behavioral strategy handling of the formalization of conflict resolution. Professor Soludo has consistently been valid all these years! Can anyone nail him with nails that are not his or the cross he was never destined to carry? The Economics’ Tigermind can not be faulted or demolished inappropriately for using the data available to him. Instead, I suggest we come up with literary data, use them by processing them with a reasonably healthy methodology, and you can get things right. If not, no one will crucify you for apologizing for your errors! A position shared by all progressive politicians who are not trending with their comments. However, Executive Governor Abdullahi Sule collaborated with his peer analysis of the Labour Party Candidate in the coming election.
In addition to Soludo’s intervention, the duo of former Executive Governor Chimaroke Nnamani and Dr. Josef Onoh, according to Sylvanus Chukwukere, courageously cast away primordial political sentiments to embrace a national interest of what is to come. In the most recent press release of The Igbo Conscience (TIC) signed by Joe Igbokwe and Peter Claver Oparah, the pendulum sticks to Soludo to remain firm and not be intimidated by the usual syndicated crowd who profits from the tragic fate of Igbos in Nigeria today. What’s more? In Imo State, Executive Governor Hope Uzodimma revealed that 2,000 SE businessmen supported the presidential bid of the APC Asiwaju, with the sum of N1 billion. It is intriguing to hear from the Director of Media and Publicity, APC Presidential Campaign Council, Chief Bayo Onanuga, that the membership of the SE business people who made the donation hailed from the five states of the SE region, where APC has two sitting Governors.
You will agree that the equation of an individual becoming Nigeria’s next president is more deeply quadratic than what any third force party can rush to come to solve. I’m not a politician, but to my mind, Asiwaju and APC are foundational algebraic and quadratic solvers of democratic equations in Nigeria’s progressive politics! Undoubtedly, Professor Soludo got things right, which is why you can quickly connect with his plotted contours in becoming the Governor of Anambra State. He’s essentially sound in solving the algebraic political formulation simultaneously in the national interest!
Some politicians are incurable authentic leaders in the history of the world. If fairness, equity, justice, and antecedents play sincere roles in our politics, Asiwaju is the main one and the big one coming as the next President of Nigeria. Professor Soludo and others have seen it coming and preparing the SE citizens to vote overwhelmingly for Asiwaju as the people’s choice in 2023. Asiwaju remains in his class, and my submission is liberally connected to Professor Soludo’s view that the national politics of Nigeria is deeply algebraic and quadratic, not something the People Democratic Party or Labour Party can solve. Soludo places All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) even better regarding Ndigbo’s aspiring to be Nigeria’s President at a point in the future. Hopefully, APGA would consider a merger arrangement with APC at such time in the future, a visible possibility.
Is there any authority to accentuate God’s economy of grace to be available so intentionally to politicians who attempt to rob the citizens blind by democratizing poverty? I say no such authority, and those roaming about in the name of a third force coming are in for a rude shock, as Nigerians will vote overwhelmingly for Asiwaju as the next President of Nigeria in 2023. I would indeed like to recuse myself from commenting if God has indeed appointed an individual to be Nigeria’s next President. What I know is captured in a piece on Asiwaju/Shettima Tickets captioned, the Muslim-Muslim Ticket, which is widely read and picked by my targeted audience.
Asiwaju is set for success in the coming presidential elections, and he will tap into the next generation’s talent and remove various barriers to great national accomplishment. Asiwaju’s Renewed Hope Manifesto explicitly set his presidency for success in 2023 and beyond. Asiwaju, when he is the president in 2023, will increase women’s positions in government to 35% and pass a presidential directive that at least 20% of political appointments to Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) be reserved for qualified people under the age of 40. Such a cohort will immerse in the digital industrialization of the Nigerian economy, keen on the immediate reward of dividends of democracy for most Nigerians.
When he becomes president in 2023, Asiwaju will be demanding more from the generational divides that entail the cohort under the age of 40, women participation, and those in government under the age of 50 to harness the resource available to drive innovation structurally to maximize economic impact by always providing incentives to strengthen the input behind the innovation. Such an approach will create further opportunities for national economic and technological growth. Asiwaju’s presidency will create opportunities for all and generate business environments to attract businesses people want to work for. His leadership will be a source of inspiration and seduction that are more important than exercising authority.
Asiwaju’s presidency will engage for success. Currently set for success, Asiwaju’s presidency will develop and lead around an innovative and strategic narrative, a sense of purpose that every citizen will commit to understanding the governmental art and act of promoting the national interests and making the structures work for all. His presidency will develop leaders who understand that democratic dividends are for all the citizens to enjoy, which human beings work for them engagingly, and not factors of production or human resources. In other words, civil servants shall listen to the citizens, and politicians will engage with their constituents with high appropriateness to have and espouse integrity with every opportunity to serve their people.
Asiwaju’s presidency will not attempt to correlate knowledge and age but will put in charge the interest of inclusion to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. Asiwaju is a unique leader who is always ready to challenge himself and challenge his cognitive inertia indeed, and put the right people in charge and collaborate. A great exemplar of how he raised new leaders across the board of six geopolitical zones in the effective administration of Lagos State between 1999 and 2007, and beyond, the efficacy of the blueprint he pioneered for the continued development of the State.
Asiwaju believes there needs to be a revolution in innovation to build on the current infrastructural momentum of the current administration. The 2023 Renewed Hope Manifesto is bringing with its implementation a world of work where workers are adequately remunerated with frequent and doable reforms for more open dialogue on work matters, as well as experiences around what is profitable to all citizens. Asiwaju demonstrated his capacity, which is not diminishing, to attract and cultivate talent and organizations.
Overall, Asiwaju will prioritize the industrialization of Nigeria’s development. He sets exemplary goals as an authentic and outstanding leader; his antecedent presents an engaging and enabling of others, helping them to hire the right hands to build high-quality personal development plans covering their leadership development plan covering their career aspirations, strengths, and improvement areas of Nigeria’s development. Asiwaju is a transformer, a tested and proven performer who employed transformative capacity to change things for the betterment of Lagos. Asiwaju stands clear above all other candidates in the race to become the next president of Nigeria in 2023. He is ready to replicate his fine handicraft of a masterful of Nigeria in a country requiring a rebirth for development in 2023 if we reward him with our votes in the coming presidential poll. BAT’s focus on a monumental Nigeria’s renewal across geo-political zones is not in doubt. We, as people desirous of success, must back the Asiwaju presidency up in the coming election.
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