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BeautyTune is announcing the launch of its cosmetic and dental treatment marketplace enabling access to doctors, surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians across the United States and in several medical travel destinations.
The site empowers patients by providing both information about the procedures they are interested in and access to the professionals that perform the treatments in the geographical area that the patient has selected. The patients complete a single questionnaire in order to request quotes from various medical service providers through the site. Patients’ confidence is bolstered by the marketplace price guarantee. The entire system encourages price transparency and a more concrete understanding of what they are being charged for. This simplifies both their decision to have the treatment done and the start of their journey.
Site users are assured not only of convenience but also of security. Only verified service providers can be active on the site, thereby solidifying patients’ trust in the process. Additional peace of mind is given as the patients are in control of how their data is used. The site does not require personal information for patient registration, with the exception of medical details pertinent to the procedure they are interested in. The messaging features are encrypted allowing anonymous, safe connection between the patients and their service providers.
Site users can be confident in the fact that all funds paid towards the procedure will be held in an escrow-like Stripe account. This provides protection for both parties and ensures that on completion of the procedure, following a satisfactory result, the service provider receives payment for work done. Users have the benefit of support from BeautyTune operatives via online chat, email and telephone.
For service providers, as well as allowing for the potential to gain opportunities in overseas sales without having to advertise in those markets directly, BeautyTune provides a means of establishing and / or maintaining an online presence without committing to the various and significant costs associated with online advertising. BeautyTune dispenses with the need for business owners or managers to spend time creating content for social media marketing schemes or spend money hiring marketing companies to devise strategies for business growth.
The site protects the practitioners from the effects of unfounded negative reviews by ensuring that only legitimate and verified users are able to post feedback and by giving the business owners / managers an opportunity to engage with the patient to resolve any issues prior to publishing anything that could be considered harmful to their reputation.
BeautyTune invites you to be a part of something that serves to enhance your online experience; be it as a cosmetic or dental treatment service provider or as a patient. The company’s mission is to be a venue of information and to put patients in touch with the correct service provider for them. BeautyTune is committed to supporting patients through their journey of self-expression and seeks to ensure that the best practitioners are given a platform from which they can exhibit their expertise.
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