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MoneyThis may sound hard to believe, but some Biglaw firms are just now getting around to matching the Cravath compensation scale. If you recall, the latest round of associate salary wars started way back in January, and almost nine months later, some firms have finally decided to make their salary moves for associates. Which firm is the latest to offer market compensation?
That would be Bracewell LLP, a firm that brought in $289,000,000 gross revenue in 2021, placing it at No. 124 on the most recent Am Law 200 ranking. Sources tell us that the news of salary increases was announced during a meeting on August 30. Announcing a big-money match is certainly one way to get people back into the groove before the Labor Day holiday. The firm’s Cravath salary match is effective for associates at the firm on October 1.
We’ve reached out to the firm for confirmation of these raises, but have yet to hear back. If and when we do, we will provide an update here. UPDATE (11:26 a.m.): A spokesperson from the firm has officially confirmed the raises.
Congratulations to everyone at Bracewell on their new market salaries! Sure, associates are receiving the news later than their peers at other firms, but when it comes to cash like this, it’s better late than never.
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