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24 Nov 2022 — The California Prune Board (CPB) is embracing the UK government’s latest decision to suspend the UK import tariff on dried prunes. Effective from January 1, 2023, the suspension sees the removal of the 8% tariff until at least 31 December 2024. It also follows an application led by the CPB through the Nut & Dried Fruit Trade Association (NDFTA) on behalf of its UK trade members.
“Removing the tariff gives our industry a level playing field and UK trade access to premium, greater tasting prunes that will appeal to consumers,” says Esther Ritson-Elliott, director of International Marketing and Communications for the CPB. 
The CPB invests significantly in marketing to raise brand awareness of its prunes in the UK, with a series of promotional activities, including PR, advertising and social media campaigns. 
“The Board also leverages its brand ambassadors – chef and TV presenter Peter Sidwell and registered dietitian and professional nutritionist Jo Travers – to further showcase the nutritional and taste benefits of its produce,” underscores Ritson-Elliott. 
A Californian crop
According to CPB, the move gives UK dried fruit importers greater choice.
The CPB invests significantly in marketing to raise brand awareness of its prunes in the UK.It is likely to be welcomed by importers looking for a premium quality, underpinned by the reliability of supply California is renowned for.
California offers exceptional growing conditions, high agricultural standards and sophisticated harvesting and drying techniques, all of which contribute to high-quality, naturally sweet prunes and make the US the world’s largest premium producer.
Nutritional highs for prunes
The nutritional profile of gut-friendly California prunes has been further under the spotlight of late, thanks to the effects their consumption can have on supporting good bone health. 
A recent study by the CPB revealed the carbohydrates and polyphenols found in the fruit could also act as prebiotics.
High in vitamin K and as a source of manganese, which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, California Prunes recently won the seal of approval from the Royal Osteoporosis Society, which awarded the California-origin dried fruit its coveted ‘Bone Health Approved’ accreditation.  
The California Prunes logo is also available on-pack, free of charge and under license from CPB, adding further quality assurance for health and origin-conscious consumers. 
Prunes can also reduce fat in baked goods by 24%.
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