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Research shows that children and adolescents are more vulnerable to marketing’s influence than adults. Children are spending more time online than ever before and advertisers are getting crafty with how they target our kids—specifically, children of color, giving food and beverage companies more ways to manipulate them and instill lifelong unhealthy eating habits., a website created by PHI’s Berkeley Media Studies Group and the Center for Digital Democracy, exposes how advertisers are targeting youth and shares how countries across the globe are taking action to prevent food and beverage marketers from harming kids and how the U.S. should do the same.
Learn more about how Big Food uses targeted marketing tactics to reach youth; explore resources on junk food and health; get connected to expert sources and find ways to take action today to protect your community. 
Food and beverage marketing has a tremendous impact on what young people eat and drink, and marketers use this knowledge to reach kids at a young age, potentially shaping their eating habits for life. Collectively, marketers’ digital tactics for targeting youth comprise what some advocates are now calling the digital marketing genome. It’s as cutting-edge, complex, and invasive as it sounds. The first step in addressing it is understanding how this “genome” operates.
Director, PHI’s Berkeley Media Studies Group
Originally published by DigitalAds.Org
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