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It is that time again already! Where has 2022 gone! You have probably already started to hear the Christmas songs in the shops and on the radio and just like everyone else the fraudsters are also preparing!
But they are not the only ones who are getting ready for the festive season. In Cambridge a hard working team at Featurespace is working long hours to ensure that opportunity doesn’t come gift-wrapped for scammers determined to nobble Noel.
These fraudsters will try to intercept and steal your money and parcels; or maybe send apps and other messages to mobiles saying that your delivery won’t arrive unless you pay a certain fee. 
So this will not be an ‘appy’ Christmas if you fall victim when these tricksters are around. They have a battery of scams that they will try to pull like a crime-crammed cracker. 
Roger Lester, global head of SMEs for Featurespace – a Cambridge Science Park company – says scammers are a menace at any time of year but urges extra vigilance as Christmas approaches.
For the uninitiated, Featurespace has created the ARIC Risk Hub  – a world-leading and real time machine learning product to stop fraud and financial crime. The technology is used worldwide by leading financial services institutions and, as Lester happily testifies, is being constantly evolved to combat increasingly cunning scams.
Its reach is far broader than the North Pole. The technology is employed on every major Continent where opportunity is plentiful. No longer is it just the vulnerable that scammers are targeting as the fraudsters’ tactics have evolved to prey on people’s sense of urgency.
Through its adaptive behavioural solution Featurespace is able to anticipate evolving tricks that scammers are likely to pull because its inbuilt self-learning technology charts both the spending patterns of unsuspecting customers and their habits so can detect the fraudsters before they have the opportunity to take advantage. This approach has proven to detect scams quickly before they can escalate.
So, to help keep you safe at Christmas here are three suggestions which may prove the best present you’ll get!
1. Check, check and check again. Stop and properly check any text messages or emails you receive and make sure they’re from the legitimate person or organisation. If you are unsure, ignore it or contact them direct to verify.
2. Watch out for WhatsApp as fraudsters are taking advantage of this channel too. Should a family member or friend contact you with an alleged new number it will only take you a couple of minutes to confirm with them directly. Spending a couple of extra minutes now to check that the request is from the right person could save you so much time if you are unfortunate to fall victim.
3. Get prepared. There are a number of resources available to help protect you and your family from fraud i.e. UK Finance Take Five About UK Finance | Take Five (takefive-stopfraud.org.uk)
The major takeaway for this festive season has to be for everyone to make an oral contract with family, friends and neighbours to be extra vigilant – call it the Santa clause – and ensure that the only things to go up in smoke in your inner circle this Christmas emanate from logs crackling on the fire.
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