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Re-flow field management software enables businesses to gain focus, enable instant communication, master HSE and increase profitability. All major operational processes can now be completed using a robust set of powerful features accessible directly through a browser-based desktop dashboard that seamlessly interacts with the app in the field.
Rather than being barraged with technical jargon, Re-flow has been designed to fit the working processes of your business. It’s easy to pick up while still powerful, comprehensive and flexible.
“After the first few weeks, the feedback from our supervisors, foremen and operatives on site was extremely positive. Something not expected as we moved from a tried and tested paper-based system to a digital workflow. Our teams are embracing the change in technology, which has created a great buzz within the business.” – Iain Johnston, managing quantity surveyor, Breedon Group
The system is currently being used by over 200 businesses nationwide, including industry heavyweights such as MV Kelly, Breedon Group, Opals Group and Colas. On average, usage of the system sees firms increase their available time by 60%, auditability by 70% and HSE reporting by 50%. All this while eliminating the need for paperwork.
To achieve this, Re-flow customers have been taking advantage of the software’s powerful features to digitally transform their operational processes, including:
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Re-flow team set out to create a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need for fragmented systems of costly, specialised tools for every task. With Re-flow, it’s all under one roof, and it’s just as powerful. Take advantage of:
“We did a tender for a new contract a few months ago, it asked if we had a system in place to get the real-time information electronically, and take photos on site instantly – and they almost didn’t believe we could do all of it, on-site through an app.” – James Goodman, general manager, Glanville Environmental
Implementing Re-flow into businesses is simple and painless Construction and civil engineering are industries built on paper but as times change, customer needs evolve, material costs grow, and margins begin to shrink. Many recognise the need for change, but digital transformation isn’t as simple as choosing a piece of software and running with it. Fragmented legacy systems or software packages lacking flexibility create more problems than they solve.
That’s why Re-flow was created, not just as a piece of field management software but as an ongoing collaboration. From a demo to qualifying for a trial through to onboarding and beyond, the highly acclaimed team of software specialists identify the gaps that are costing you money, time and stress and how our solution fits in with your needs. From detailed documentation with video tutorials to phone support, you won’t be left out to dry.
“While it’s difficult to put a precise figure on the efficiencies achieved using Re-Flow, I would estimate it to be in the tens of thousands of pounds. Implementing the system into our business processes was a simple and painless task thanks to the professionalism and quick service of the Re-flow team.” – Andy Kearns, projects lead, Opals Group
Ashley Wing
Head of sales & marketing
Re-flow Field Management
Tel: +44 01392 547002
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