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A large part of rural India still uses bullock carts, especially in areas that are engaged in agricultural work. Bulls are often used for a variety of tasks such as ploughing the fields or transporting produce.
To reduce the weight carried by the bulls engaged in these tasks, a group of students from the Rajarambapu Institute of Technology (RIT) in Maharashtra’s Sangli district have created a portable tyre that can be attached to bullock carts of various kinds.
The presence of the extra tyre reduces the weight that falls on the bulls and makes it easier for the animals to pull the cart. The extra wheel that aims to provide “rolling support” to the bulls can be adjusted according to the height of the animals.
A report by ABP Majha says that the final-year students of the Automobile Engineering Department of RTI have received the funding of Rs 10,000 to develop it further and file a patent application.
On Thursday, IAS officer Awanish Sharan shared a photograph of the innovation on his Twitter account.
बैलों का लोड कम करने के लिए बैलगाड़ी पर लगाया गया रोलिंग स्पोर्ट.
फ़ोटो: साभार pic.twitter.com/icjwYkd0Ko
— Awanish Sharan (@AwanishSharan) July 14, 2022
Normally in a bullock cart, all load is placed on main axle with 2 wheels and the bulls, only pull the cart. Here in photo, the load is kept on bulls’ necks also. This extra wheel will help is this situation only.
— Sandeep (@Sandeep07102278) July 14, 2022
bullock carts with four wheels will spare all the pain and suffering of the animals pic.twitter.com/NpvOKo9tuO
— Bhairava (@sukumaranlens) July 14, 2022
Good idea, Hope there is provision to fold it as well,in case of wheel falling in ditch it would require push force in place of pull force to move the cart & difficult for bulls
— Krishna Chandra Jha , 🇮🇳 (@Krishna31563822) July 14, 2022
This is superb…poor animals will not suffer so much now
— Real me (@ritikasuper) July 14, 2022
Bahut acha idea hai, agar ye effective price par mile toh sabko lena chahiye jo log bail gaadi istemaal kartein hain.
— Manav Kumar (@ManvvKumar) July 14, 2022
Pure example of make in India/ jugad
— Santosh kumar Sharma (@aap_ka_santosh) July 14, 2022
Student of Rajarambapu institute of technology, Islampur, Sangli developed this technology.
— Shitalkumar Kolhal (@shitalkolhal77) July 14, 2022
Tweeting the photo of a bullock cart with the extra wheel, Sharan wrote, “बैलों का लोड कम करने के लिए बैलगाड़ी पर लगाया गया रोलिंग स्पोर्ट.” His tweet roughly translated to, “Rolling support fitted on a bullock cart to reduce the load of bulls.”
Soon, Sharan’s tweet gathered over 18,000 likes, with netizens praising the much-needed invention. Commenting on it, a Twitter user wrote, “The govt should take note of this innovation by Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Islampur, Maharashtra. It uses a rolling support to reduce the load on the bulls..”.
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