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Minnesota Twins
That’s a car payment…
The new jerseys unveiled by the Minnesota Twins last week are for sale in stores and online, but if you think they're priced the same as other jerseys you should dump that thought and prepare to back up the Brinks truck. 
At, the new jerseys are priced at $304.99. 
They're $379 if you shop in person at the Twins Clubhouse store at Target Field. And that's for the jerseys without player names on the back. 
It's really steep when you see the research FOX 9"s Seth Kaplan did that shows autographed, authentic jerseys for Minnesota superstars Kirill Kaprizov, Anthony Edwards and Justin Jefferson are all cheaper than the nameless jerseys at the Target Field store. 
Replica jerseys the Twins wore last season are $149.99 at 


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