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Stroll Insurance backs Mid-Down and Lisburn District Community First Responders
Northern Ireland’s newest digital-only car insurance broker is channeling a £21,000 pledge to Community First Responders (CFR) in Mid-Down and Lisburn area to extend coverage of this lifesaving service.
The 3-year partnership has predominantly been born out of the experiences of Stroll Insurance Managing Director, Brian Allen. Brian, a volunteer with both St John’s Ambulance and the CFR scheme, was also recently a recipient of life-saving care.
Brian Allen said: “In May of this year I experienced a significant health scare that quite literally stopped me in my tracks.
“I consider myself to be a healthy and active individual which, as a father of two young children, is simply part of the job description!
“As both a volunteer and a patient, I am acutely aware of how important it is for a patient in cardiac arrest to receive CPR.
“My hope is that by supporting schemes like the Mid-Down and Lisburn Community First Responders, we can help to increase that survival rate.
“As part of Prestige Insurance Holdings, a local group of companies, Stroll Insurance has community values at the core of everything we do, so partnering with Community First Responders is an ideal fit for us.
Graham Walsh, Scheme Coordinator of Mid-Down and Lisburn District Community First Responders Scheme said: “We are delighted to welcome Stroll Insurance onboard as our primary partner.
“When the situation arises that a community first responder is alerted, every second counts in making a difference to those in need of our help.
“Through this partnership we are strengthening the chain of survival and ultimately saving more lives.” 
The investment will enable CFR to provide their volunteers with the lifesaving equipment and training that is essential in the crucial minutes when they arrive at an incident including ZOLL AED 3 defibrillators and pulse oximeter fingertip readers, blood pressure monitors, responder kit bags and branded polo shirts.
Graham added: “As a registered charity, we rely on volunteers to come forward. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in joining the ranks of the Community First Responder Scheme in Mid-Down and Lisburn, this is the ideal time to get in touch by contacting us”.
or call 07923017489.
Stroll Insurances’ 3-year pledge will enable the CFR scheme to operate in:


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