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Businesses are quickly adopting cloud computing services across all industries from BFSI and IT to the energy and utility sectors. The demand for edge computing and data centers has increased due to the development of smart cities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
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As we get closer to the cloud-based world, organizations looking to create an advantage for themselves must comprehend the fundamentals of the cloud services sector to succeed in a digitally-driven future. Through the transformation of the global economic landscape, the UAE is emerging as a leader in the use of cloud technology as more companies move their IT infrastructure to the cloud to improve operations and streamline procedures. The UAE is making a significant contribution to the region’s predicted spike in cloud computing market size, which is projected to increase from $14.2 billion in 2021 to $31.4 billion by 2026 according to the Markets and Markets MEA Cloud Computing Report.
But which industries stand to gain from the UAE’s rapid advancement in cloud technology?
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In case you’ve decided to use cloud computing in your business, here is the list some industries that are highly impacted by cloud transformation:
The cloud has played a leading role in facilitating organizations in UAE to combine existing organizational processes with cutting-edge cloud technologies to enable more flexibility and scalability. The emphasis on advancing the digital economy through national initiatives, innovations, and adaptability has also served as a basic force behind the execution of the UAE’s future strategies and a cornerstone of the nation’s next 50-year planning.
Although there are many advantages to using cloud computing. Let us identify what are the major trends that the UAE should focus on for future expansion:
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The retail Industry in UAE was one of the worst hit by the Covid-19 outbreak where mall closures resulted in more frequent online purchasing.
Several well-known non-food retailers in the first half of March 2020, when the epidemic was at its worst, saw a drop in sales of up to 50 to 60 per cent as per the KPMG reports. Retailers are expected to promote development, change, and increased productivity at every point. The pandemic pushed years of innovation to be delivered in months and sparked a rush of cloud service adoption to meet changing corporate needs.
WeMart, one of the biggest grocery chains in the Middle East cloud, was able to successfully manage the epidemic by using cloud-based retail solutions.
WeMart is the first company in the area to think creatively and use online to offline services to significantly improve its online sales, warehouse deliveries, third-party payments, and other operations, thereby improving the customer experience and expanding its customer base.
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There has also been substantial advancement for supply chain and logistics services providers trying to meet the expanding demand for smart solutions in the UAE. The UAE is quickly turning into a hub for logistics companies looking to use cutting-edge technology to streamline means of transportation throughout the country.
Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is one government organization that aspires to run its public transportation system using artificial intelligence to improve public transportation-related services, starting with buses, and other mobile platforms, by gathering data on passengers’ movements.
With the introduction of Cargoes Logistics, DP World is just one of several companies digitizing logistics systems to offer consumers a single-window solution for facilitating efficient, safe, and secure cargo transfer. With Cargoes Logistics, customers can choose from multimodal logistics options to ship freight by sea, road, and/or rail, and receive instant quotations, quick booking confirmation, and some safe payment options.
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All eyes have been focused on UAE for sports coverage with the highly successful ICC T20 Cricket World Cup tournament’s record-breaking viewership. These matches are gaining millions of viewers across the world. Due to increased activity for sports broadcasting and advancements in live events the necessity to change how sports are experienced in the digital age has never been more crucial.
By utilizing cutting-edge cloud technology to connect stakeholders at all stages of the event-hosting lifecycle, from organizers and suppliers to volunteers and venue managers by utilizing the operational effectiveness of sporting events.
A Few advantages that cloud technologies can offer for large-scale events include instantaneous multilingual translation, remote video conferencing, and many other features to ensure smooth and real-time information exchange while cloud-based ticketing systems have also been introduced to optimize digital ticketing services at sporting events.
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According to Gartner, by 2025, IT spending on public cloud services will exceed traditional IT spending.
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The following were identified as the major challenges with cloud computing:
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Organizations aiming to gain an advantage in the transition to a cloud-based world must understand the fundamentals of the cloud services sector to survive in a world driven by technology.
Despite many obstacles to cloud adoption, such as security requirements, skills gaps, and data sovereignty laws, digital technologies are still developing. Governments in the Middle East, which serves as a hub for innovation and technology, are allowing businesses to make use of the advantages provided by cloud-based solutions to hasten their adoption over the coming few years.
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