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By Adedapo Adesanya
West Africa’s pioneer solar-based internet and voice service provider, Tizeti, is set to expand its operations within Nigeria and Ghana, and into new neighbouring Cote d’Ivoire and Togo in addition to listing its Nigerian subsidiary.
With over 2.8 million subscribers on its platform, a revenue of over N11 billion over 10 years, and no debt, the firm is exploring an Initial Public Offer (IPO) in the stock market for investors/shareholders while setting its eyes on expanding its footprints across the Francophone and Anglophone countries in West Africa.
This was disclosed by the company’s founder and chief executive officer, Mr Kendall Ananyi at Tizeti’s annual event tagged NeXTGEN 2.0: The Next Frontier, noting that with the broadband gap in Africa still very high, operators like Tizeti must expand to ensure that more Africans have access to reliable, affordable and truly unlimited internet from Tizeti.
According to him, Tizeti has been providing affordable unlimited internet service in Nigeria and Ghana using solar towers which have brought about 30-50 per cent cost savings on data cap plans and made it the preferred option to its competitors.
“This expansion is very strategic for us and for the continent. We have grown significantly within the last few years, being profitable in three out of the last four years and paid our first dividend this year. We currently have over 3884 hotspot locations and built 1 tower every month since we started, with 2.8 million users in Nigeria.
“Today, Tizeti delivers over 190 (terabytes per second) TBPS of data a day, which is about 20 per cent of what Airtel, the second largest telco with coverage in 36 states delivers.
“Using publicly available data on the website of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and our internal data, we are the number one fixed Internet Service Provider by users and active users in Nigeria today and the ISP of the year 2022.
“And there’s still so much room for growth. Internet users in Africa are still about 26 per cent of the total population, with almost 900 million people unconnected. We are now exploring the public markets for equity/debt to fund our next growth phase.
“We have reserved our ticket at NASDAQ, and are exploring London Stock Exchange as we are an LSE-Companies to Inspire, as well as the Nigerian Exchange NGX,” Mr Ananyi said.
Speaking on the Francophone expansion, the co-founder and chief operating officer of Tizeti, Mr Ifeanyi Okonkwo highlighted the increased submarine cable investments in Africa to date, and the absence of middle-mile and last-mile infrastructure that moves the capacity where it is needed.
With Tizeti’s new infrastructure build-out across West Africa, Tizeti plans to bridge the digital divide and bring more Africans online via its unlimited service offering.
“We believe that Africa offers the most significant potential demand for broadband expansion, and we have looked at their populations, their relative contributions to GDP, the prevalence of higher and tertiary institutions, and other pool factors,” said  Mr Okonkwo.
The company also launched new connectivity offerings, Tizeti Turbo Connect, which provides up to 150MBPS fibre-connected capacity to homes and offices, for N60,000, and a new technology that allows it to deliver up to 1000MBPS.
The company also announced new energy initiatives that minimize diesel cost consumption with solar panels and wind turbines across its base stations.
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By Adedapo Adesanya
Social media giant, Twitter, has rolled out Twitter Circle to its users globally after months of selected testing all over the world.
In a statement sent to Business Post on Tuesday, the microblogging platform said, “You may have already heard that we’ve been getting a feel for Twitter Circle with a small group of people on Twitter and they definitely have a ton to say! If you haven’t been able to test it out yet, then your timeline has probably been inundated with what seems to be a bunch of random circles with people’s faces on them and Tweets from people begging to have Twitter Circle. If you have no clue what it actually is, let me explain.”
“After much anticipation, everyone on Twitter will now have the ability to do just that with Twitter Circle — a new feature that’s launching to everyone globally today, which allows you to choose who can see and engage with your content on a Tweet-by-Tweet basis,” the platform further said.
For those who want to use the feature, all they have to do is select up to 150 people who will be able to view and interact with the tweets they don’t want to share with everyone and choose Twitter Circle as their audience when publishing a tweet.
With that done, “Then you’re all set to say what you gotta say, share spoilers without ruining it for everyone else and unleash your weird without fear of embarrassment – all in the privacy of your own circle. And if you’re new to Twitter, what a perfect way to get your feet wet and give it a go with a smaller crowd before making your debut on the public timeline!”
Twitter says the feature will allow people to share personal news and updates, hot takes, and updates without the burden of other people infringing on their comments.
Sampling some users’ opinions, they said: “I love Twitter Circle because we all have those Tweets that we don’t want the entire world to see so it’s nice to be able to have a space where we can share and laugh with the people we are in community with! Twitter Circle eliminates the fear of the wrong person seeing the wrong Tweet and has allowed me to connect more honestly and purposefully with my followers which is what Twitter is all about.” – @itszaeok
“I love Twitter Circle because it allows you to curate a community within your community. Someone like me who has a larger platform can’t always be as open and connected with my friends the way I want to on Twitter, so this allows me to be able to connect with my broader audience, as well as my personal friends all on the same timeline!” – @seangarrette
The update is part of a bout of new products that the platform is testing which includes podcasting, payments, and business optimisation among others.
By Aduragbemi Omiyale
Over the weekend, more than 1,000 women gathered in Lagos to discuss ways to increase the participation of women in the Nigerian tech sector.
They met at the Landmark Centre, Lagos on Saturday, August 27, 2022, for the WeTech Conference, the largest tech forum for women in Nigeria, which had Interswitch as one of the sponsors.
The event featured panel discussions, keynote addresses and talks from leading women in the Nigerian tech industry, sharing valuable insights into how they can break into the tech scene in Nigeria, and demystifying the future of fintech in Nigeria.
Interswitch used the occasion to educate women on ways to develop innovative tech solutions. There were recruitment opportunities for interested participants who wished to join the tech giant in creating a prosperous Africa.
Speaking on the sponsorship, the Executive Vice President, Group Marketing and Communications, Ms Cherry Eromosele, noted that Interswitch maintained a keen focus on empowering players in the tech ecosystem and that its sponsorship of the WeTech Conference is one of the channels it is tapping into to express this.
“We are excited to have collaborated with the WeTech 2022 Conference as it aligns with Interswitch’s vision of a more inclusive space for women in the Nigerian tech ecosystem.
“Through this initiative, women are always furnished with the knowledge needed to boost their careers in tech, it also holds a dually beneficial purpose for women-run startups. The conference serves as an opportunity for these women to receive insights that will enhance scalability,” she said.
Also commenting was the Chief Human Resources Officer, Franklin Ali, who highlighted the tech firm’s dedication to creating a diverse and equitable workplace by espousing a gender-balanced hiring process.
Ali said, “Our resolve to provide our employees with an equitable workplace that fosters teamwork can be gleaned from the recent Hofstede report that ranked Interswitch among the top five leading companies in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Nigeria.
“We look forward to bringing more women on board to drive the company’s goal of a more inclusive workplace.”
By Adedapo Adesanya
Twitter is officially delving into the world of podcasts as it announced the onboarding of the feature into its platform as part of its newly designed Spaces tab.
Announced in a blog post on Thursday, the social media app is testing a redesigned Spaces tab that groups audio content together by subject, as well as includes podcasts feature for the first time.
The social networking platform explained that, “We know that some discussions need more than 280 characters, and bringing people closer to the ideas, content, and creators they know and love is core to Twitter no matter where the conversations take place.”
It said that integration is another way it is investing in audio creators.
“To do this in a simple and intuitive way that allows listeners to simply hit play and go, we started with a redesigned audio experience in the Spaces Tab.”
This redesign introduces personalized hubs called Stations that group audio content together by specific themes like News, Music, Sports, and more. Now Twitter listeners will be able to easily access a more personalized selection of live and recorded Spaces discussing the topics that are most relevant to them.
Like Twitter’s For You feed, these Stations will be tailored to individual users according to the content and accounts they interact with on Twitter.
Significantly, Stations won’t only include the live and pre-recorded Spaces that Twitter currently hosts, but also suggest pre-recorded podcasts. Users will also be able to help customise the algorithm by giving suggested podcasts a thumbs up or down to indicate their level of interest.
The new Twitter Spaces tab is currently being tested on a select group of English-language accounts.
The revamped Spaces tab and the addition of podcasts are now visible to a group of global English-speaking audiences on iOS and Android.
Twitter says its internal research indicates that 45 per cent of people who use Twitter in the United States also listen to podcasts monthly, so now the company will automatically suggest podcasts to help users discover content based on the topics they’re interested in.
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