Top lead generation marketing agency shows businesses how to beat the cost-of-living crisis –

Milton Keynes-based lead generation agency Insite Web is going all out to make sure more businesses weather the financial storms. Insite Web has revamped its lead management services to offer a suite of products to companies looking for more cost-effective ways to attract customers and increase their profits
Figures suggest more companies than ever are at risk of insolvency as higher fuel, raw materials, rent and wage costs combine to hit businesses hard. This is compounded by customers, also hit by the cost-of-living crisis, cutting back on almost all non-essential spending.

Insite Web knows this poses businesses with the twin problem of trying to save money while also trying to appeal to cash-strapped customers. The answer according to Insite Web is taking control of lead generation.

Insite Web managing director Paul Carmen tells us: “If you’re trying to cut costs the last thing you want to do is throw away money on wasted lead generation. Buying poor quality leads from lead generation companies is the most obvious ways companies waste their budgets, but significant money is wasted when leads aren’t tracked or optimised properly.”

Paul continued: “Businesses can’t stop looking for sales though, particularly now. That’s why we want to make sure every company is managing their leads effectively. We think almost every company can become more profitable just by making changes to how they manage and generate leads.”

Insite Web’s services include off-the-shelf solutions that companies can use with their existing platforms to deliver lead management to track all leads, plus a full service lead generation solution where lead generation is managed by Insite Web but, crucially, leads are generated exclusively for individual companies largely by using existing marketing channels.
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