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Today, we enjoy consuming the ultimate wine refinement, thanks to constant innovations and developing technology.
From the right choice of grape varieties to perfect growing conditions and cellaring, the craft of winemaking is a complex cycle that requires both, precision and perfection.
In the past, things have been more knotty due to a lack of machines and technical help as the winemakers had to do everything by hand. Fortunately, the industrial revolution and the impressive growth of technological innovations introduced a new dimension to the world of wine.  
1. Technological innovation in the vineyards
Artificial intelligence and digital transformation were heartily welcomed in the science of winemaking. Winemakers across the globe tend to implement the latest tech trends with eager haste.
For instance, inventions like drones or robots, or underground sensors can save wine estates from a lot of trouble. Moreover, many winemakers in California have already replaced manual work with weeding robots.
Underground sensors help determine the best time to water the vines, while drones warn about possible disease or other vine deterioration. Technological innovation in vineyards is time saving and more precise and the final result is quality yields, and wine produced close to perfection.  
2. Underwater wine ageing
The underwater wine ageing practice emerged in 2010, with the discovery of a two centuries old Champagne collection on a wrecked barque near Finland. Wine connoisseurs honoured the wine as a premium quality, with an impressively fresh and sweet taste, golden amber colour, enchanting honey and earthy fragrance.
This was a light bulb moment for many wine producers who decided to try a totally different wine ageing approach. The main idea was to produce unique wines and luxury wines with significantly higher prices.
Soon, this innovation was embraced by a number of French, Spanish and Croatian wine producers.
3. Augmented reality wine labels
New product and process innovations don`t seem to end.
The latest extraordinary breakthrough in the wine world is augmented reality wine labels. AR or living wine labels are a chart topping invention as they provide a better buying experience and tell a story about the wine producer and the wine itself.
The process includes scanning the wine label with a smartphone camera, and the app will lead you to detailed information in the form of images, videos etc.
4. Trending innovations in wine packaging
The standard 750 ml wine bottles may soon be replaced by single serve wine bottles.
Popularly known as Piccolo or Split, the mini wine bottles containing 187.5 millilitres of wine are currently used for Champagne packaging, but other wine types will soon follow suit.
The benefits of these mini bottles are multiple, including cost-effectiveness, and alcohol consumption control, plus they are user-friendly.
In addition, the wine industry has implemented “canned wine” versions, apart from the glass and box packaging and many wine producers seem to be following the idea.
5. NFT technology and blockchain
For the sake of safety and authentication of special premium wines, great minds have created special security systems like NFTs and blockchain. This helps owners protect their wines from counterfeits, while customers will know what are they paying for.
Moreover, this digital transformation influenced wine collectors as well. Latest trends show that wine enthusiasts started crafting their virtual wine collection with an exclusive wine selection.
Wine blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows the consumer to track the wine from the vineyard to the bottle.
The global wine industry is significantly affected by a number of micro and macro changes. Technological innovations make up just a part of the entire cycle of factors that have an impact on agriculture and wine production.
Climate changes, emerging winemaking regions, and new trends in wine style are constantly shaking the grounds of the traditional wine industry. Moreover, the increased interest in organic and biodynamic farming implements additional alternations in the classical vinification practices.
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