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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) – Waynesboro’s economic development has gotten some major additions and are looking to add some more from creative minds of the community.
Aspiring entrepreneurs are invited to learn business fundamentals.
The free program is meant for selected individuals to pitch their business plan and compete for one of three start-up grants, totaling $48,000 During that time, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to develop their business plans, draft marketing campaigns, identify storefront locations, refine cash flow projections, and network with local mentors and business development experts.
The best advice the economic development team can give for starting a business is to be prepared.
“Don’t jump ahead. Don’t get ahead of where you think you should be, really plan ahead and get expert advice and mentors along the way so you can be successful,” City of Waynesboro Director of Economic Development Greg Hitchin said.
Business ideas can be anything that needs a storefront and drives traffic toward downtown Waynesboro. The eight-week program starts in Jan. for those planning to launch or expand a business by Sept. 30.
Interested entrepreneurs can sign up now.
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