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We acknowledge your talent and are here to provide you with a stage on which to showcase it. Do you not feel like the perfect match? However, we unquestionably think you are. Apply with us, and let’s work things out and find solutions together.
There are quite a few landmark judgments which, while not resulting in the expected social transformation, have made a beginning simply by acknowledging the wrong
The latest Outlook edition titled Women-in-law takes stock of significant rulings and legislations in recent times that specifically deal with women’s rights in the country.
Progressive verdicts by courts help the cause of gender justice. But a lot remains to be done. Despite laws like protection of women from domestic violence act, 2005, Indian women continue to suffer violence in a patriarchal society, claim activists and experts
Why does our legal morality treat marriage between two people as some social welfare institution in whose continuance society at large has a stake?
Despite there being a multitude of alimony and maintenance laws, women are left empty-handed and struggle to make ends meet after a bad marriage, as experts feel that these laws do not give any cover for the women
Updated: 27 Aug 2022 2:40 pm
Social media has changed not only how we interact with one another but also how businesses can influence consumer behaviour. This includes both the promotion of content that increases engagement and the extraction of location-based, demographic, and personal data that helps messaging resonate with users. This has enhanced the scope of social media marketing today as the result it provides is of immense advantage to the company.
About Ytviews
We are the global leaders providing real-time viewership and subscribers on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Spotify, Tumblr and many more. We, as a company, aim to help beginners and new joiners to reach their social media goals, in the shortest time possible and with one hundred per cent credibility. We assist our customers to enhance their reach on a global basis as we understand the importance of a solid base on social media platforms in today’s generation. 
Skill-set of a social media manager
Social media managers design and administer marketing initiatives, company information, and brand promotions for their organisations across various social media platforms. Along with using either free or paid tools and responding to queries and comments in accordance with the tone and policies of the firm, they are also aware of the best social media metrics to concentrate on. Social media managers continually experiment to push fresh concepts and formats while monitoring how those concepts work. These are the basic skills and expertise that we’re looking for. A bachelor's degree in marketing, public relations, or a related field is also mandatory.
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As we adjust to the new normal, many businesses have seized this chance to speed up the process. Covid-19 hit the digital sector like a truck. The extensive year-long lockdown's main problem was unemployment, and its effects on politics were also evident. Our country observed people going on strikes and holding rallies to make their points.
We acknowledge your talent and are here to provide you with a stage on which to showcase it. Do you not feel like the perfect match? However, we unquestionably think you are. Apply with us, and let's work things out and find solutions together.
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